Magic Coloring


Tap with three fingers to get a pair of “color-tuning sliders.”

First, move the bottom one to select a general color scheme.

  You will “interpolate” between two dozen of schemes that all “look good.” Move the slider slowly.

  Toward the right end, you’ll find gray schemes.

Second, move the top slider to tune the color scheme.

  The center position is balanced/neutral.

  As you move right from the center, you first get mellow tones, then start to “spread” the color.

  Moving left off the center behaves the same but with a reversed range.

  Play with this a little, and you will quickly develop an intuition for how this affects the colors.

Color your Images using a Human-Perceptual Model

Bottom (Color-Scheme) Slider Action:

Top (Tune) Slider Action:

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